A New People Driven Constitution for Zambia: Rescue the Zambian Constitution

The Grand Coalition for a people driven constitution has resolved to take the campaign for a people driven constitution in Zambia to a higher level in view of the delaying tactics exhibited by the Government.

Members of the Grand Coalition are drawn from over 300 institutions comprising Civil Society Organisations, the church, youth movement, political parties, labour movement and other stakeholders campaigning for a people driven constitution in Zambia.

Following a strategic meeting in Lusaka on 24 March, the coalition announced that the Patriotic Front Government’s continued delaying-tactics and apparent lack of willingness to deliver a people-driven constitution was against the general expectations of Zambians.

In a statement issued after the meeting, Chairperson of the Grand Coalition’s Steering Committee, Fr. Leonard Chiti said they would not retreat until the final draft is released. 

“A lot of public time, money and other resources were invested into this process, which was supposed to be completed within 90 days but has now dragged on for more than two years,” said Fr. Leonard Chiti.

“As a Grand Coalition, dedicating ourselves and our organisations to continue to fight for the release of the final Draft Constitution until the draft is released by whoever is holding it. We commit ourselves to work together with all like-minded entities to campaign for a people driven constitution in Zambia. We will not rest until the final draft is released.”

As part of the efforts to take the campaign for a people driven constitution to a higher level, the coalition has established two structures to strengthen the campaign.

“We have established a Technical Working Group which will serve as a think tank for the group, and a Steering Committee Executive comprising Fr Leonard Chiti as Chairperson, Ms Beatrice Grillo as Vice Chairperson and Mr. McDonald Chipenzi as Spokesperson. We are not deterred by the Government’s ongoing reactions to frustrate and discredit our campaign through intimidation, blackmail and misinformation,” added Fr. Chiti.
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