Constituency Watch! A Social Media tool for Public Social Accountability Monitoring!

Find your constituency on facebook. All you have to do is type the title of your constituency and add the text; 'constituency watch' after the title in the search bar in facebook and you will find it in search results i.e. munali constituency watch etc. Constituency Watch is a public Social Accountability space anchored on internet social media allowing citizens to engage their elected representatives and demand access to services.

Constituency Watch uses a Facebook page-per-constituency to facilitate direct citizen engagement with their elected representatives. Constituents comment on service provision in the neighbourhood (such as rubbish collection, potholes, sanitation etc.) and members of parliament explain what action they intend to take to address prioritised issues. 

Constituency Watch is both a citizen engagement strategy and an accountability technology; it encourages and facilitates civic participation and interaction with elected representatives to make a practical contribution towards participatory democracy.