Levy Sakala: abandons makewane, dances for Jesus



When Levy Sakala announced recently that he had left the music duet Sakala Brothers to pursue gospel music, he said those with questions about his decision should ask Jesus because he is the one that called him.

 So, Doubting Thomas contacted Jesus to confirm Levy’s claim.  


Jesus said:  “Yes, I let Levy suffer that near-death experience.  I didn’t mean to kill the guy but I just wanted him to be my obedient servant.” 


Jesus added:  “I was very unhappy to see Levy play music that doesn’t praise me but pleases the masses.  I want everyone to praise me but most people won’t do so voluntarily unless I scare them or promise them something.” 


“In fact,” Jesus further explained, “the fear of death is what motivates my people to serve me.  They all dream of living forever even if they have no proof that I will actually make that possible.”