It is inhuman, stop harrassing Tongas – KK

It is inhuman, stop harrassing Tongas – KK
First republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has called for the immediate halt to what he described as “harassing Tonga Speaking People” in the country.Dr Kaunda said it is disheartening to see how Tongas are being treated in the post election period and he advised all Zambians to uphold the “one Zambia one nation slogan”
Meanwhile FODEP executive director Macdonald Chipenzi has warned that if people continue with such kind of behavior, it might aggravate to a level where it will be impossible to control “its sad that Tongas are now called pigs, cows, dogs or any bad name they think of this is not right who ever is orchestrating this tribalism should know that Tongas are part of Zambia and we are all Zambians.
However,UPND President Hakainde Hichilema said he is disappointed with the development and wonder why some selfish individuals would start a rebellion against Tongas to satisfy their personal goals.
He also pointed out that it wasn’t his fault that his Tonga father loved and married his mother.
“Why should I be marginalized in my own country simply because I was born from a Tonga parent this is bad and not Zambian at all” said Hichilema.
January 29, 2015