Stop hate speech, violence and intimidation against our voters – Mutale Nalumango

Stop hate speech, violence and intimidation against our voters – Mutale Nalumango
The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has called for a stop on hate speech, violence and intimidation against it’s voters by the ruling party.Party National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango says the party has been peaceful since its election was stolen but the supporters have been subjected to hate speech, intimidation and violence.
Below is Ms Nalumango’s statement to Zambian Eye Wednesday morning.
We are appalled with the level of violence, hate speech, ridicule, and intimidation that those suspected to have voted for our UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema have been subjected to since the stolen election.
Whereas we are aggrieved with the manner the election was stolen from Zambians, we take the words of our leader Hakainde Hichilema who has demonstrated statesmanship by calling for calm, peace and unity among all Zambians regardless.
But the conduct of our colleagues who claim to have won the elections has not been genuine, as they have now resorted to hate speech and violence against our supporters because of the way the voted.
Anybody who cares to check figures will know that prior to this election, even in 2011, the UPND used to get zero votes in certain regions of the country and nobody cried tribalism and hate speech.
Why should certain regions now be targets of hate speech, ridicule and violence because of the manner they voted, especially that other candidates including the PF’s Edgar Lungu never campaigned in those areas at all?
Besides it was very clear for all to know that the UPND candidate and his team had and still has the best messages for the country that was well received everywhere.
Why would a farmer in Monze, Sinda, Mongu, or indeed any part of the country who has not been paid by the PF government be expected to vote for the same government that has caused misery in his household, just to prove they were not tribal?
In fact, one would even be tempted to argue that tribalists could be those that voted for the PF government despite not being paid their money, that voted for the wage freeze, high mealie meal prices, high fuel prices, no constitution, that voted for retention of bad laws such as Public Order Act.
In any case, records are there to show that in the past, the same regions that are currently being demonized have in the past voted for people from other regions on merit.
The continued hate speech, violence, and intimidation against our people has the potential to break-up the country, something the UPND would not like to see.
As UPND, we would like to thank all those that voted for our party and would like them to remain strong and never be moved.
The journey for 2016 for which we have been preparing for continues and president Hakainde Hichilema and his team that includes alliance partners will soon embark on a countrywide tour to unite the country and thank the voters.
Mutale Nalumango
UPND- National Chairperson
January 28, 2015