Presidential election results show lack of confidence for PF, UPND – Kabimba

Presidential election results show lack of confidence for PF, UPND – Kabimba
Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba says the low turnout of voters in the just ended Presidential by-election show that Zambians have lost confidence in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), reports Zambian Eye Journalist in Lusaka.
In an exclusive interview on the just ended presidential election that had an average of between 33 to 38 percent, Kabimba explained that the candidates did not appeal to the voters. He said a vacuum has been created which his party, Rainbow will work hard to fill ahead of the 2016 General election.
“The choice of candidates did not appeal to the 60 percent voters who did not turn up to vote and when you look at the PF and UPND as front runners in this election, they both performed poorly in their so called stronghold,” Kabimba explained. “And I think they are no longer attractive and interesting to voters. As Rainbow Party, we shall work hard to fill this vacuum in 2016.”
Kabimba said if the two parties were attractive and still had confidence of the voters, people should not have stayed away from voting.
“There is just one theory that justifies this, voters no longer believe in them (candidates),” he charged.
The Rainbow Party president who was the PF Chief Executive when the party dislodged the MMD from government in 2011 said the party could not have won the elections if the case was as last week’s Presidential election.
Kabimba also observed that the election results created a line that divided the country into two, a situation he said was unfortunate. He explained that the election showed people voting on tribal lines and not issues. He observed that the candidates did not engage voters on issues but mainly focused on personalities.
“As Rainbow Party, what came clear was that political parties were not engaging voters on issues. They instead dwelt much on personal attacks,” Kabimba explained.
He said this trend will only stop when the country has political parties that have clear spelt ideologies and able to tell and persuade voters on values and ideas in terms of the direction they want to take the country.
“And this is the difference Rainbow Party is going to make on Zambian political landscape. The lack of ideology on the part of political parties motivates people to vote along regional lines which consequently resulted into this fault line dividing the country into two,” said Kabimba.
The Rainbow Party president said this should be stopped as it threatens unity and peace the country has enjoyed in the last 50 years of Independence.
Kabimba also commended all the stakeholders in the last Presidential elections. He observed that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) had managed the elections well despite the challenges of weather and technology which made it difficult to have the results on time as expected. He has urged ECZ to invest in technology if it has to overcome these challenges in future adding that the country was vast.
“We are a technology backward country with 752 158 square kilometres. It is a vast country in terms of managing elections especially when roads are almost impassable, bridges collapsed and ZAF fleets to fly around to collect results not available. So the way forward, ECZ has to invest into technology,” said Kabimba.
He also urged ECZ to continue winning more and more confidence from stakeholders as this would reduce tension during elections. He said the system of sticking results outside the polling stations after counting was a good move to show transparency which enables participating political parties to manage their results from polling stations.
The Rainbow Party president also commended Zambians for being peaceful during and after elections.
January 28, 2015