Inonge Wina is Acting President

Inonge Wina is Acting President
Zambians will finally have a break from the debate of who acts as President when the Head of State is away on international duty with a less controversial choice in place.
The appointment of Inonge Wina, who has been left the instruments of power after President Edgar Lungu headed to Addis Ababa for the African Union Heads of State summit to mark his first call of duty on the international front after assuming office Sunday, settles the merry-go-round of who is the acting president question.
During late President Michael Sata’s tenure, the acting Presidency call was always acrimonious up to his death as his choice of Vice President Guy Scott was never constitutionally allowed to act although it was later clarified that he was eligible.
Scott never acted as President during Sata’s reign but with the appointment of Wina Zambians will be given a break from a debate that was politically divisive.
The Patriotic Front will know better after they went bare knuckled on each other to argue about who late President Sata had left the instruments of power.
Wina will be in charge for four days marking the first time Zambia has had the opportunity to be presided over by a lady albeit in an acting capacity.
Wina will discharge the functions of Office of President from 29th January to 2nd Feburay 2015, the period he will be attending the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
January 29, 2015