Don’t interpret the Bible if you don’t have a degree!

In his column in the April 5 edition of Saturday Mail, Dexter Njukuta argued that the Bible should be interpreted only by those with a university education.

Admission: Doubting Thomas doesn’t have a degree in theology but will still comment on the matter. The Bible might be the mostly widely read book, but it’s far from being the most accurate. It was written over several years by different authors and was later cobbled together as holy writ with inevitable contradictions, inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

In the ancient past, the church made it a crime for ordinary people to read the Bible for themselves. Keep the people ignorant and you will exercise complete control over them. Not anymore. Anyone without a university degree but with an open mind can now expose the myths previously presented by theologians as fact.

Our attitudes are totally different from that era when God promoted slavery, misogyny, ethnic genocide, infanticide and incest. These cruelties are now reprehensible to every modern culture.