Celebrating Zambia’s golden jubilee – independent of God



The theme for this year’s Zambia’s independence anniversary is “Commemorating God’s favour of 50 years of independence, for continued peace, unity, democracy, patriotism and prosperity.”


We did not receive our independence on a silver platter. We fought for it. Some people died for it. Where was God during this period of colonial humiliation, discrimination, subjugation and killings? Why did He have to wait more than 100 years before He could demonstrate his favour for us?


Where was God during the destabilising UDI era and when we suffered military attacks by apartheid South African and Rhodesian soldiers?


We have had our own social troubles since independence (Lenshina, Mushala, Lusaka strangler, etc).  Should we also thank God for these?


We had to wait for almost 17 years before we could re-establish a multi-party democracy in 1991.  Where was God before that? Watching and laughing at our misery as we suffered human rights abuses, shrinking democratic space and a collapsing economy?


Let’s be realistic.  Whatever has happened over the past 50 years is human-made.  Where we have succeeded, we should take the credit.  Where we have failed, we should take the blame. We should accept that we are solely responsible for Zambia’s destiny. That is real patriotism.