Mining industry cautiously welcomes changes to Mining Tax regime

19th February 2016
Issued by: Zambia Chamber of Mines
Mining industry cautiously welcomes changes to Mining Tax regime

The Zambia Chamber of Mines welcomes the changes to the 2015 Mining Tax regime announced by Cabinet this week.
We look forward to seeing the detail of the proposed changes, so that we can comment fully on what they mean for the industry.
This shows that government is striving to collect tax revenue from the industry in a way which does not discourage mines from investing in new mining projects and new employment.
We also note that the Government’s decision marks a significant shift in outlook towards the sector, and it can only be of benefit to the industry in the longer term.
We believe the prevailing low price environment continues to present significant challenges for the mining sector over the short to medium term, but the gesture by the Government is a good lifeline that will provide much needed relief.
We commend the government for this new spirit of dialogue and cooperation, and we look forward to continuing to work together to solve these and future challenges.
The Chamber of Mines is an Association of Mining and Allied Industries. Its Mission is to promote the interest of the members, local communities, the country and all stakeholders whilst promoting sustainable and responsible mining.