Women For Change Concerned about Political Violence in Zambia

Press Statement
24 February 2016

Exchange ideas not blows during elections – WfC

Women for Change (WfC) is concerned with recent statements and acts of violence within and among political parties as we head towards the 11 August 2016 general election.

It is worrisome that leaders of various parties are not taking any measures to punish perpetrators of political violence in their parties; clearly indicates that they ascribe to violence as a means to gaining power, something which is highly undemocratic.

We are dismayed that democracy is being reduced to an all time low of violence instead of what it really is supposed to be - the market place for the best ideas that will address the needs of the Zambian people.

It is sad that amidst the economic and social challenges Zambia is facing, little effort is being made by these political parties to table their best solutions.

It is our hope that political parties will heed our call and revert to peaceful campaigns that market the parties’ best ideas to the electorate because if this vice continues, it shall negate Zambia’s democratic and gender gains.

Violence will discourage women and other disadvantaged groups in Zambia from participation in the upcoming elections.

Lumba Siyanga
Executive Director
Women for Change
24 February 2016