Heart Beats in Cinema

The Lusaka International Film and Music Festival and Fresh View Cinemas Levy Junction Mall in Partnerships with the Embassy of Finland proudly present;


Thursday 10th March 2016

Directed by Saara Cantell / Time: 20:30 / 2009 / Feature Film Drama / 81 mins / Finland / English Subs

Martta has a secret she won´t reveal to her family. Nora tries to find her wings and Meri learns that you should be careful what you wish for. Olga and Fardusa are looking chance for a better future far away from home, while Emmi loses her chances by always choosing wrong. And Anu faces her past on a supermarket parking lot. Still every one of them comes to realize, that one single encounter can change the course of their lives.

The story follows the lives of women of different ages and background, in the middle of ordinary events that turn out to be very crucial. Seven women and seven stories, which link to each other in everyday moments.
Statement of the Baltic Jury at Nordic Film Days, Germany (2009):
“Many films try to get close to the characters, only few succeed. We have chosen a film, that makes us feel compassion. A film, that tells a story in delicate sketches of life. A film, that through exquisite single takes reflects a heartfelt, empathic view of the world.